VCA group training

The VCA group training is designed to explain the theory so that you, together with colleagues, learn everything to obtain the VCA Basic or VCA VOL diploma. Within 1 day, everything is explained regarding legislation and theory, after which you have the opportunity to take the exam.

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration On request

Course information

The VCA group training does not differ much in content from the VCA Basic or VCA VOL trainings; it’s specifically tailored for groups. Depending on your choice, all the theory to obtain the VCA Basic or VCA VOL diploma is covered within one day. Often, this can be done on the same day, after which your diploma will be sent to you within a few days.

You can also choose to take a standalone VCA exam at any time.

What do you learn during the VCA group training?

During the VCA group training course, you not only learn the basic knowledge about safe working but also how to set an example for colleagues in this regard. By doing this in a group setting, you learn to communicate effectively with each other directly. Depending on whether you are following the VCA Basic or VCA VOL group training, attention is also paid to the role you must take on as a supervisor to ensure others work safely.

Here’s a brief overview of what the course contains:

  • Safe working (encouragement)
  • Personal protection
  • Task risk analysis
  • Exam to complete the course

Our VCA trainings are always code 95 and CIBOT certified.

Safety first

Demonstrate that you prioritize safety with a VCA VOL or VCA Basic certificate. The group training is constantly updated to comply with new regulations. This ensures that the information in all our courses at Training Academy Uden is always relevant and applicable to every situation.

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