VCA VOL Course

The VCA Safety for Operational Supervisors certificate demonstrates that you possess the necessary knowledge in the areas of Safety, Health, and Environment. During this course, supervisors and self-employed individuals with staff learn everything to contribute to workplace safety from their role.

Prefered language English
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 1 day

Information about the course

When you are in a supervisory role, you need to not only know what safe working is but also encourage it among your colleagues. The (English-language) VCA VOL course thus offers more depth than the VCA Basic course, so that you as a supervisor can become a point of contact on the shop floor. Are you in an executive role but also want to know more about safety at work? Then the VCA Basic course is perfect for you.

If you already have the knowledge, you can also take only the VCA exam. More information can be found here.

What do you learn during the (English-language) VCA VOL course?

During the VCA VOL course, you learn not only the basic knowledge about safe working but also how to set an example for your colleagues as a supervisor. Attention is paid to considering the environment, your own health, and that of your colleagues.

A brief overview of what the course includes:

  • Safe working (encouraging)
  • Personal protection
  • Task-risk analysis
  • Exam to complete the course
"Perfect for supervisors who want to take the lead in a safe workplace" - Rinus

Safety first

Show that you consider safe working important with a VCA VOL certificate. The course is constantly updated to comply with new legislation. In this way, Training Academy Uden ensures that the information in the VCA VOL course is always relevant and applicable to relevant situations.

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