VCA Starter course English

The VCA Basic course teaches you the basic knowledge of Safety, Health and Environment (HSE), as established by VCA. The course is taught in English so that non-Dutch speaking colleagues or employees can also take the course. It is an essential part of any workplace in which working safely is important and demonstrates your consideration for the environment and health of everyone while working.

Prefered language English
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 1 day

Information about the English SCC course

Do you want to be able to demonstrate that you know how to work safely while taking into account the health of yourself and your colleagues? You can do that by taking the VCA Basic course. Once you have the SCC certificate, you are aware of relevant ARBO legislation and you contribute to a safe working environment. The SCC Basic course is intended for employees in an executive role. Managerial employees take the VCA VOL course.

If you already have the knowledge, you can also just take the VCA exam. More info can be found here.

What will you learn during the VCA Basic course in English?

The SCC Basic course is perfect for students in an executive role who want to learn the basics of working safely in a professional manner. You will learn what you need to consider to ensure the safety and health of yourself and your colleagues. The exam is always an integral part of the SCC basic course.

Small sample of what the course includes:

  • What does safe working involve?
  • Hazardous substances and labeling
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Exam to complete the course

Our SCC courses are always code 95 and CIBOT certified.

“Learn everything you need to know to start working responsibly at your current or future employer. Our course helps you understand the rules around Safety, Health and Environment in an accessible way and shows you how this translates to work. “ - Peter

Safety first

Show that you care about working safely with a Basic Safety SCC diploma. The course is constantly updated to comply with new legislation. This way, Training Academy Uden ensures that the information in the Basic Safety SCC course is always relevant.

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