Reach truck- and forklift certificate

With a reach truck certificate and forklift certificate, you learn to better handle the two most commonly used machines in the warehouse. Thus, all participants who pass the two-day reach truck and forklift certificate course effectively contribute to safety at work. Offered in Dutch, English, or Polish

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 2 days

Information about the course

If you already have some experience with the forklift and reach truck, or if your certificate for either is about to expire, then with the reach truck and forklift course you can obtain or renew both a new forklift certificate and a new reach truck certificate in two days. This is also suitable if you haven’t previously obtained a certificate but do have experience with both machines.

In that case, please contact us, and we can discuss whether this course is right for you.

TAU also offers a course for only a reach truck certificate or a forklift certificate,

What do you learn during the reach truck and forklift course?

Participants with prior experience in both machines receive a two-day refresher course on all relevant rules and regulations, followed by practical exercises to update their driving skills.

A brief overview of what the course includes:

  • Forklift and reach truck maintenance
  • Theory about traffic regulations
  • Situations on the work floor
  • Safety while driving
Ideal course to renew both certificates at once. Both components received enough attention and now we don't have to worry about it for another 5 years. - Theo

Program of the reach truck and forklift course

The reach truck and forklift course lasts 2 days and takes place at the TAU training grounds in Uden. While the emphasis is on gaining practical experience, the necessary rules and regulations are discussed based on theory. After successfully completing the course, drivers meet occupational health and safety requirements and receive both a reach truck certificate and a forklift certificate.

Program structure

  • Operation of forklift and reach truck
  • Safety in the warehouse
  • Maintenance of machines
  • Occupational health and safety legislation
  • Traffic regulations
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Effective working with reach truck and forklift
  • Insight into various situations

Safety first

Reach trucks and forklifts are heavy machines, making it extra important to prevent accidents with either of them. With a good understanding of the theory and enough practical experience, safety on the work floor increases. Therefore, the reach truck courses and forklift courses of Training Academy Uden focus on a combination of theory and practice, so that participants learn to operate and control the machines.

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