BHV basic course (1 day)

The course to become an emergency response officer consists of training to act correctly in case of fire, accidents, and even resuscitation. In every company, there must always be a ERO present with a valid certificate. Enroll yourself or a colleague for ERO, so that your workplace has optimal support at all times in emergency situations.

Prefered language Dutch or English
Level of knowledge Novice
Duration 1 day

Information about the course

Every company must have an Emergency response officer on site at all times in case of an accident. During the two-day course students of every experience level learn the basics to perform the four tasks of an emergency response officer. The course contains everything that you need to know to qualify as an ERO.

What do you learn during the ERO course?

During the two-day course, (English-speaking) students of every experience level learn the basics to perform the four tasks of an emergency response officer. Theory and practice will alternate, and the ERO course concludes with an exam. Afterward, the Emergency Response Officer certificate is awarded to everyone who has successfully completed all parts.

The four tasks of an emergency response officer are:

  • Providing first aid
  • Limiting and fighting a starting fire
  • Guidance during an evacuation
  • Communication with emergency services.
I learned a lot of practical tips about different situations, that can happen at work or at home. Usefull to know, hopefully never needed. - Theo

Program BHV Course

The basic company emergency response officer (BHV) course lasts for 1 day at the TAU training facility. Theory and practice are interspersed, allowing participants to grasp the basics and gain experience with various situations. The course concludes with an exam and the presentation of the Company Emergency Response Officer certificate.

Program structure

  • Different types of accidents
  • Treating wounds
  • Various types of fires
  • Fire extinguishing equipment
  • Practical experience with firefighting
  • Evacuation Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Communicating with emergency services

This is a brief overview of what the BHV basic course includes. You will be fully trained as a company emergency response officer in just one day.

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