About us

Institute a safe working environment

About TAU

Respect for the employee

Training Academy Uden was founded in response to a growing demand for expertise in the market. Whether they are international employees who come here as temporary workers or permanent staff who have been employed for years, everyone benefits from a course to further develop themselves. So, if you are looking for a tailored training for a complex operation, a BHV course, or need to renew your forklift certificate, it’s all possible at TAU.

It’s in our DNA to do well, which is why we continue to invest in workplace happiness. By giving employees the opportunity to develop, you can contribute to a safer work environment and satisfied employees.

The three pillars of TAU

Investing in quality

Not the cheapest, but the best. Training Academy Uden does not focus on the lower end of the market, but rather on the segment that wants to grow and continue working.

Working together

A well-trained professional is just one part of the whole. Good housing and guidance contribute to the job satisfaction of our people.

Positive contribution

Training Academy Uden is committed to making a positive contribution to the local community and labor market.

Meet our team

Martin van den Munckhof

Director TAU

Peter Janssen

Training manager

Aleksandra Pokrajchevalieva

Administrative Assistant

Proud part of MENS Group

Training Academy Uden is located in Uden, where we have our own training center. We are situated in the industrial area and have ample space to offer trainings at our location. As part of the MENS Group, we have extensive knowledge about how the logistics, automotive, and transportation industries operate. Our course offerings are carefully composed to meet the demands of these various sectors.

The integral collaboration between Training Academy Uden, N2 People, and N2 Facility ensures that we can meet and exceed the wishes and objectives of our clients.