Training Academy Uden

Warehouse and floor training for temporary workers.

Institute a safe working environment

About us

Driven by a team of skilled professionals

As part of the MENS Group, we understand what’s happening on the shop floor. In collaboration with N2 People and N2 Facility, we can fully support temporary workers in this way. Training is provided in our own training center in Uden or on location, so that employees are well prepared for the work they will do. In this way, we want to contribute positively to the local community and labor market.

Because only by investing in quality, can you offer quality.


Previous experiences

Read what our former students have to say about Training Academy Uden and the courses.

“When I came from Spain to the Netherlands, I was faced with the challenge of finding a training that was accesible and comprehensive. Training Academy Uden helped me get started by helping met get my reachtruck certificate and guided me during the course. “

Rafael Mendez Reachtruck certificate

“I recently completed the Reachtruck Certification course with Training Academy Uden (TAU), and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. TAU’s approach to training is exceptional. The course provided an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on training.”

Marcin Kowciba Reachtruck certificate