Fire at the office. Do you know how to act?

Institute a safe working environment

How to act in case of fire

Stay calm and alert. It is especially important not to panic when a fire breaks out. By remaining calm, you can better assess the situation and prevent you and your colleagues from running away in panic.

Sound the alarm. Activate the fire alarm so that others are also aware of the situation.

Call the emergency number. When you discover a fire, quickly call the emergency number (112) to alert the fire department.

Assist others in gathering. If it’s safe, you can help colleagues who need assistance in evacuating and check if everyone is safely outside at a secure location.

Why BHV courses can contribute to work safety

One of the most common issues in an emergency situation is the lack of leadership. BHV (Company Emergency Response) personnel are trained to immediately assess a situation and know what to do. Additionally, BHV personnel have knowledge of the fire-fighting equipment available in the workplace, where it is located, and how it operates. This enables them to assist in handling initial fires and possibly even extinguishing them. Of course, BHV personnel are also capable of providing first aid to a certain extent, allowing them to support colleagues who may have suffered burns or injuries.

Take responsibility

A BHV (Company Emergency Response) course teaches you to respond effectively to any situation and makes you the point of contact for colleagues. This applies not only in the event of an accident but also if someone falls ill, for example. If you believe you can handle the responsibility, a BHV course is right for you.

It is not only useful in your workplace but can also be a matter of life and death in your personal life. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any moment of the day, and with a BHV course, you are slightly better prepared for when something happens in your vicinity.

We invest in the quality of our trainees. Our courses are always up to date, so that you can act adequate in every situation. - Peter Janssen