Unique in customization

Institute a safe working environment

Peter worked in the Defense sector for twenty years, where he developed as a trainer. Afterward, he entered the automotive sector, where he also held training and management positions. Since June 1st, Peter has been leading Training Academy Uden. “I found it an incredibly exciting challenge to start something new ‘from scratch’,” he says. “Training Academy Uden is essentially a new company within an existing enterprise. I’m bursting with energy because there’s so much to do here. We’re going to create something great with Training Academy Uden!”


Peter has been busy for the past six months setting up the new training center. This started with setting up the facility at Zadelmakersstraat 15a in Uden. Training programs had to be written, and suitable instructors appointed. The first training sessions have already begun. These include forklift, pallet truck, and tire-changing training for international employees. But that’s not all. The intention is to also offer courses such as VCA, BHV, and Code 95 (a five-year refresher course for truck drivers) in the near future.

“What makes Training Academy Uden unique is that we will offer training in various languages,” says Peter. “Take the VCA safety training, for example. Others offer this training only in Dutch and, at most, in English. We will be able to offer this course in multiple languages.” Other training programs will also be offered in multiple languages. Peter explains why this is important: “Many international employees can manage well with English or Dutch on the shop floor. However, a theory exam in a foreign language is often too challenging for them. If students can take a forklift exam in their own language, you’ll have a much higher pass rate.”


Training Academy Uden also aims to stand out by offering tailor-made solutions. “Not just training for the sake of training, but providing quality. It can involve on-the-job training, but e-learning is also an option.” For sister company N2 People, Training Academy Uden already provides onboarding for new international employees. “We provide them with an understanding of Dutch culture so that they are as well-informed as possible about what to expect when they arrive.” Internal training for N2 People’s own staff is also part of the activities.


Peter is already quietly considering expanding the range of training offerings. “We are definitely looking at other directions, such as communication skills, leadership training, dealing with labor migrants, and time management.” Peter also has ambitious plans for collaboration. He wants to join forces with schools and the business community to tackle the labor shortage. “These schools have teachers, companies have job openings, and we have the people. Our international flexible workers are often school leavers with qualifications in fields like metalwork or automotive mechanics. We can provide the people that businesses need, and they can still attend school one day a week.”


Peter is clear about his vision for Training Academy Uden: “Do what we promise. And preferably, exceed expectations. Trainees should leave with a good feeling, and instructors should create a positive learning atmosphere. It’s important that everyone is willing to be vulnerable in the classroom and ask questions. That’s what I mean by training quality. People often see training as an obligation. They say, ‘I have to attend a course.’ I want to make them say, ‘I get to attend a course’ when they go to Training Academy Uden.”