Refresher course for reach truck (half-day)

Do you have a reach truck certificate that has expired or will expire soon? You can obtain a new reach truck certificate in one day through this English-language course and return to the workplace safely!

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 6 hours

Information about the course

Is your reach truck certificate expired or will it expire soon? With the reach truck refresher course, you can renew your reach truck certificate in just 1 half-day. The course combines theory and practice tailored to individuals with previous practical experience with a reach truck, refreshing your knowledge. If you haven’t obtained a certificate before but have experience with forklifts, you may also be eligible for this course. Contact us for more information on this.

Wat leer je tijdens de (Engelstalige) opfriscursus reachtruck?

During the refresher course for reach trucks, which can be completed in a half-day session (morning or afternoon), you can completely refresh your knowledge of reach trucks. Special attention is given to your practical experiences from previous years and any unique situations that may still arise. This ensures that you can safely operate a reach truck once again.

Some of the topics covered in the course include:

  • Safety theory
  • Maintenance and daily checks
  • Operation and control of the reach truck
  • Traffic regulations
"The reach truck refresher course is an easy course to follow, especially if you have driven a reach truck before and know the basics" - John

Program reach truck refresher course (1 day)

The one-day reach truck refresher course, offered at TAU in Uden, is specifically designed for drivers who need to renew their certificate. This course is ideal for experienced drivers and focuses on updating and deepening existing knowledge and skills. Available in Dutch, English, and Polish, this course ensures that participants stay up-to-date with the latest safety standards, regulations, and efficient work methods.

Program structure:

  • Review of safety procedures and work methods
  • Advanced maintenance and inspection of the reach truck
  • Refreshing of professional knowledge and driving skills
  • Update on current traffic and safety regulations
  • New techniques for loading and unloading
  • Risk management
  • Analysis of preventive measures
  • Overview of recent changes in labor law regulations

Safety first

Reach trucks are heavy machines, making it extra important to prevent accidents. With a good understanding of the theory and enough practical experience, safety on the work floor increases. Therefore, the reach truck courses of Training Academy Uden focus on a combination of theory and practice, so that participants learn to operate and control the machines.

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