Terminal tractor custom course

With a terminal tractor certificate, you have the necessary documents to operate a terminal tractor. Depending on your needs, the training can be completely tailored to your preferences. We offer just an e-learning module, but we can also go through the theory in a classroom setting or focus on the practical part.

Prefered language Multiple languages
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration On request

Course information

To be allowed to operate a terminal tractor, the driver must meet certain legal requirements. The individual must be at least 18 years old and have the appropriate certificates. You can obtain the terminal tractor certificate through Training Academy Uden. The training is always provided at your location and can be tailored based on your preferences. Do you want only the theoretical or practical part, spread over one or two days, or the e-learning module so that your employees can practice at any time? We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

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What will you learn during the terminal tractor course?

Depending on your needs, the terminal tractor course lasts one or two days. This depends on the size of the group and the experience of the participants. During the course, there is room for both theoretical and practical parts. This way, you learn everything you need to handle a terminal tractor safely and responsibly in a short time, and you can immediately apply the knowledge gained in practice.

At the end of the course, there is an exam, and upon successful completion, you will receive your certificate. This certificate is officially recognized and is valid for five years.

Important to know

The terminal tractor training is only provided in-company, as our training facility does not have the space for it.

Safety first

Enhance workplace safety with the terminal tractor course from Training Academy Uden. After successfully passing the exam, you can use the heavy machinery in a professional manner and reduce the risk of accidents while operating the terminal tractor.

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