Reach Truck Certificate in 2 Days (Beginner)

Within two days, you can obtain your reach truck certificate in a practical course. You will learn to operate and use the reach truck safely, allowing you to responsibly work on the shop floor.

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Novice
Duration 2 days

Course information

In 2 days, novice reach truck drivers learn everything they need to safely and responsibly operate a reach truck. The necessary theory is covered in English, providing a foundation for the rules and requirements of operating a reach truck, but there is a strong focus on practical training. This course is intended for individuals who have not previously operated a reach truck but wish to learn.

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What do you learn during the reach truck course for beginners?

In two days, you will learn everything you need to know about operating and mastering the reach truck. Ideal if you want to quickly and responsibly obtain your reach truck certificate for a (new) job.

A small selection of what the course covers:

  • Operation of the reach truck
  • Theory on topics such as load capacity and legislation
  • Maintenance of the reach truck
  • Special situations in the workplace
"Our specialists all have practical experience from the field and master the necessary theory. This allows us to offer courses of the highest quality" - Peter, training manager bij TAU

Reach truck certificat in 2 days

The two-day reach truck course is provided at TAU in Uden and is designed to fully train participants of any experience level. The course is available in Dutch, English, and Polish. This balanced mix of theory and practice, with an emphasis on practice, allows drivers to meet the requirements of labor law regulations. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive their reach truck certificate.

Program structure

  • Safe working practices and workplace procedures
  • Maintenance and inspection of the reach truck
  • Essential expertise for reach truck drivers
  • Compliance with traffic and safety regulations
  • Efficient methods for loading and unloading
  • Awareness of potential hazards and risk prevention
  • Understanding the consequences of damages and associated costs
  • Knowledge of relevant law regulations and guidelines

Safety first

Reach trucks are heavy machines, making it extra important to prevent accidents with either of them. With a good understanding of the theory and enough practical experience, safety on the work floor increases. Therefore, the reach truck courses of Training Academy Uden focus on a combination of theory and practice, so that participants learn to operate and control the machines.

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