BHV Refresher Course (1 day)

Business Emergency Response Officers (BHV'ers) must take a course every year after receiving their BHV certificate. So, has your BHV certificate expired or is it about to? Take this course to refresh and supplement all your knowledge in one day about everything you need to know as an Emergency Response Officer.

Prefered language Dutch or English
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 1 day

Information about the course

As an Emergency Response Officer (BHV’er), you carry a lot of responsibility in the workplace. When there is an accident or emergency at work, the Emergency Response Officer knows what to do and ensures that everything runs smoothly. During the 1-day BHV refresher course, you have the opportunity to refresh and supplement your knowledge under the guidance of certified professionals. After successfully completing the BHV refresher course, your BHV certificate is valid for 1 year.

Don’t have a BHV certificate yet? Then check out our Emergency Response Officer – BHV basic course (1 day). Perfect for those who have no prior knowledge but want to take on the responsibilities of an Emergency Response Officer.

What do you learn during the BHV refresher course?

During the 1-day BHV refresher course, you will first have time to refresh your theoretical knowledge. What do you remember about communication, both internally and with emergency services, during an accident? How do you limit and combat an incipient fire? Then, there is also plenty of room for practical exercises, such as firefighting and CPR training.

The four tasks of an Emergency Response Officer are:

  • Immediate response to emergencies
  • Limitation and combating of an incipient fire
  • Guiding during evacuation
  • Communication with emergency services
"You think you know everything, but after a year, you realize that some things have become less clear. TAU explains everything in an easy way, so you immediately know all the procedures again" - Pieter, former student

Program BHV refresher course

The program of the BHV refresher course lasts for 1 day at the TAU training facility. It includes a combination of theory and practical exercises, allowing participants to immediately apply the theory in practice. The training concludes with an exam, and upon successful completion, participants receive a renewal of the certificate for a company emergency response officer (BHV).

Program structure

  • Review of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Treating wounds
  • Different types of fires
  • Practical experience with extinguishing fires
  • Evacuation and evacuation procedures
  • Communication with emergency services

This is a brief overview of what the BHV refresher course covers. After this day, you will be fully updated on all aspects of company emergency response.

Safety first

Learn everything you need to know during the 1-day BHV refresher course, which has been designed by professionals. From specific situations to common accidents, everything is covered. Training Academy Uden has structured this course in such a way that after completion, you will have all the competencies needed to continue acting as a company emergency response officer (BHV’er).

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