Two-day tire mechanic training

With the tire technician training, you are trained as a certified tire technician in a multi-day (English-language) course. Everything about dismantling, mounting, and inspecting every type of tire is covered in a course that is always up-to-date. This training is your first step into the automotive industry!

Prefered language Dutch or English
Level of knowledge Novice
Duration 2 days

Information about the course

Do you want to transition to a career in the automotive industry? With the tire technician training, you’ll gain all the skills to become an expert in wheels, tires, and everything related to the tire changing process. Enhance your job prospects with the perfect start to your automotive industry career. After this course, you can potentially progress to a position as an automotive mechanic or an MOT inspector.

What do you learn during the (English-language) tire technician training?

After completing the tire technician training, you can start working immediately as a certified tire technician. This is because the multi-day course provides ample practical experience, covering safety and the tire changing process.

A brief overview of what the course includes:

  • Basic knowledge about tires
  • Safety
  • (Dis)mounting of car tires
  • Completion after the tire changing process
"A clear training in which I learned various things about car tires within a few days. I never knew there was so much involved!" - Richard

Program tire mechanic course

The tire fitter training program spans 2 days at the TAU training facility. It combines theory delivered through the e-learning platform with practical hands-on experience, allowing participants to immediately apply their knowledge and gain practical skills. Upon completing the training, you’ll be ready to work at an automotive company.

Program structure:

  • Basic knowledge of tires and wheels
  • Equipment and tools
  • Mounting and balancing tires
  • Repairing leaks
  • Vehicle lifting procedures
  • Various types of wheel bolts
  • Tire pressure and tread patterns
  • Safe and proper job completion

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