Forklift refresher course (Half-day)

Do you already have your forklift certificate but want to refresh your current knowledge? Then, with the refresher course in 1 half-day, you can extend the validity of your forklift certificate.

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 6 hours

Course information

The forklift refresher course is designed to update the skills and knowledge of experienced forklift operators. This half-day course is available at TAU in Uden and focuses on refreshing the essential skills required for safe and efficient forklift operation. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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What do you learn during the forklift refresher course?

During the forklift refresher course, you will receive the tools you need to safely operate a forklift once again in a half-day, either in the morning or afternoon. A lot of attention is given to situations you may have encountered in practice over the past years. There is also ample practical time to train for safety and responsible forklift operation.

A small selection of what the course covers:

  • Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • Operation and control of the truck
  • Daily checks on the forklift
  • Battery and engine maintenance
"The courses of TAU are always of great quality. Our new and old collegaues all get certified by them!" - Sarah

Program forklift refresher course

The forklift refresher course lasts 1 day and is conducted at the TAU training location in Uden. During the refresher course, the most important aspects of theory are reviewed, and there is room to discuss specific situations from the field. The focus is primarily on the practical part, where participants can practice all the rules again. Upon successful completion, the forklift certificate is renewed.

Program structure includes:

  • Safety and occupational health regulations
  • Daily checks and maintenance
  • Operation and control of the forklift
  • Battery maintenance
  • Traffic regulations
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Professional knowledge
  • Situations specific to your workplace

This is a small selection of what the forklift refresher course covers in order to renew the forklift certificate. A forklift certificate is valid for 5 years.

You can also explore our options for on-site forklift courses at your own location.

Safety first

Forklifts are heavy machines, making it extra important to prevent accidents with either of them. With a good understanding of the theory and enough practical experience, safety on the work floor increases. Therefore, the forklift courses of Training Academy Uden focus on a combination of theory and practice, so that participants learn to operate and control the machines.

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