Forklift course at your own location

Training Academy Uden also provides forklift courses at your company's own location. This way, participants learn to operate and control a forklift in a familiar environment. This ensures that the knowledge seamlessly integrates with their work, making the workplace safer.

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Novice
Duration 2 days

Information about the course

An in-house forklift course offers employees the opportunity to obtain a forklift certificate at their own location. This is perfect for companies that have the space to conduct the course at their own workplace, allowing participants to learn to operate the forklift in their familiar work environment. For the specific requirements, we kindly request you to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Looking for a forklift certificate but don’t have space on your own premises? Then check out our 2-day forklift certificate course (beginner), and we look forward to seeing you at our own location in Uden!

What do you learn during the in-house forklift course?

Within two days, the theory of the forklift is explained, but there is a significant focus on gaining practical experience. Since this takes place in the daily work environment of the participants, they can gain experience driving on their own premises during the practical part.

A brief overview of what the course includes:

  • Operating a forklift
  • Special situations on the work floor
  • Legislation and load capacity
  • Maintenance of the forklift
"It was great that TAU came to our workplace. This way, we could have the entire group of new employees take the forklift course and practice those tricky situations that sometimes arise." - Marjolein

Program of the in-house forklift course

The in-house forklift course lasts 2 days and takes place at your company’s location. There is a mix of theory and practice, with an emphasis on practical experience. After successfully completing the forklift course, drivers meet the requirements of the occupational health and safety law and can obtain their forklift certificate.

Program structure

  • Situations at your own workplace
  • Maintenance of the forklift
  • Professional knowledge
  • Traffic regulations
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Awareness of hazards
  • Damages and costs
  • Occupational health and safety legislation

Safety first

To operate a forklift properly, certain skills must be mastered. Our instructors bring work experience to your company and can transfer this acquired knowledge in a high-quality course. This provides insight into dangerous situations that are directly applicable to the daily tasks of participants, how they can be best recognized and prevented. After completing the training, participants have all the necessary competencies to operate a forklift safely.

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