EPT certificate in 1 day

With the 1-half-day electric pallet truck (EPT) course, you learn to operate EPTs safely. During the (English-language) course, everything about safe working with these machines is covered. It's intended for students who have no prior experience with EPTs or those who want to enhance their knowledge.

Prefered language Dutch
Level of knowledge Advanced
Duration 1 day

Information about the course

The EPT course is intended for (English-speaking) individuals who have no previous experience with the EPT or whose certificate is expiring/has expired. Within a few hours, the operation of the EPT is explained, and students have the opportunity to gain practical experience. There is a combination of theory and practice, covering everything needed to safely operate an EPT on the shop floor.

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What do you learn during the (English-language) EPT course in a day?

In a single session, either morning or afternoon, our instructors explain everything you need to know to work safely and responsibly with an EPT. This way, you can start using the EPT effectively right away, contributing to a safe workplace for you and your colleagues.

A brief overview of what the course includes:

  • Theory, including load capacity and legislation
  • Daily checks
  • Maintenance of the EPT
  • Operating the EPT
"The EPT course has given me the confidence to use the EPT around the warehouse and know I am being responsible" - Peter

Program EPT certificat in 1 day

The one-day EPT (Electric Pallet Truck) course is offered at TAU’s training location in Uden. The course is designed for both new and experienced drivers who want to develop or refresh their skills with the EPT. This course is available in Dutch, English, and Polish and provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training essential for safe and efficient EPT operation.

Program structure

  • Basics of the EPT
  • Maintenance procedures and daily checks
  • Practical agility exercises
  • Application of traffic rules and safety regulations
  • Techniques for safe loading, unloading, and stacking
  • Risk management with the EPT
  • Understanding the prevention of physical strain
  • Knowledge of relevant occupational health and safety legislation

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